Win the whole neighborhood.

NestFinder has partnered with SellWhenever to secure you new clients long before selling is even on their minds.

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Your new secret weapon.

We’ve united data and analytics with the best minds in real estate to give you tools to secure future sellers. Here’s what it means for you:


Secure clients

NestFinder agents now have an irresistible offer to secure future clients today with almost no competition.


Marketing prowess

We will provide you with robust marketing tools and expert help to support your rapidly growing business.


A secure future

You’ll create a secure book of business- a protected financial asset with real future value.

SellWhenever agents generate at least $100k in secured future commissions in their first 3 months.*

*Numbers based on average performance

Your game-changing advantage

Most agents target current or soon to be buyers and sellers—approximately 8 to 10% of the people residing in any given neighborhood. SellWhenever gives you the ability to convert any homeowner into your client today, massively expanding your reach in ways other agents can’t. With an irresistible offer for almost all homeowners, you’ll build your financial future.

You will make dreams come true.

Home ownership is an expensive dream that leaves most strapped for cash. Every new member you sign will receive a one-time cash payment to fund one of their dreams. It’s a unique, irresistible offer…all thanks to you, their dedicated agent.

Your clients will love you even more.

Your clients will receive ongoing exclusive home market insights never before available to homeowners.

Your clients will have access to unprecedented tools to make the complex decision to sell their home incredibly easy.

You will be secured as their agent whenever they’re ready to sell—even if you change brokerages.

And bonus: we will be your brand and marketing engine.

Personalized digital & print marketing collateral

Your own SellWhenever landing page

SellWhenever funded advertising campaigns

An agent to agent referral program

And much, much more

Your secure future to rest well at night

Your expanding book of business will be your financial asset with real future value. Your homeowner relationships will be better protected from the tech real estate disrupters and discount brokers. You’ll finally be able to rest well.

Let’s partner today—
and for tomorrow.

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